We use an assembly of licensed tools and at the same time we are authorized representatives of some of the most recognized marks for Bolivia.

We offer a conjunction of solutions of hardware and forensic software level.

Solutions of informatics forensic for corporations and governmental agencies, validated by numerous courts, legal departments of the enterprises and governmental agencies, its main technology EnCase is used for more than 30,000 users in all the world.
It involves the development and production of products designed to attend the community needs of the informatics forensic analysis. Tableau designs, verifies and manufactures all its products in the same enterprise, thanks to which it has total control on the functions, the manufacture and the quality of the products.

From the simplest requirements to the most complex, EnCase Forensic contains a complete suite for the analysis, scoreboards and presentation of reports. Guidance Software provides the necessary support to obtain greater capacities for assure that the forensic examiners have the most complete conjunction of utilities.
Do you need to obtain images of disk Drives?

Forensic Duplicator TD1

Files Transfer rate 6 Gb / Minute Generation of Hash MD5 and Sha-1


Do you need to Protect Digital Evidence against Writing?

Bridge Forensic T8

It blocks the writing in USB devices
Compatible with USB2.0 devices

EnCase ® Neutrino ® is designed for security analysts and specialists eDiscovery who need to compile data of mobile devices of forensic form. The process is initiated with a capture of the card SIM and the telephone with the capacity to compile, to analyze and to preserve many types of data that include: the configuration of the device, the contacts, registration of calls, messages, notebook and other files stored in the device - all can be pertinent in a penal case or lawsuit under way.

Bridge Forense Combinado

Acelerador de Hardware

Mobile phone system synchronization synonym, a pioneer in transfer and content support for mobile telephones. The content transfer devices and the data administration software application.
Decision Group has been established since 1987 as the pioneer in the design and the production of content and forensic solutions. Decision Group has established sales and possesses offices of support in all the world.
UFED - Forensic Device of Universal Extraction

- It recovers erased information and blockade code of the cell phone.
- It holds up more than 2000 Technology cell Phones models GSM, CDMA, IDEV and TDMA.
-It extracts the List of Contacts, Messages of Text (SMS), Registration of Calls (Carried out, Received, Lost), Multimedia Files (Video, Photos), ESN, IMEI, ICCID and IMSI.
- Autonomous and portable to use in field.
- Capacity of ID Cloning of the SIM.

E - Detective

Supervise the Security of their privileged information
* Impede that its commercial secrets be revealed.
* Finish with the lazy conduct of the employee.
* Guarantee the administration of your business.
* Monitoring of the efficacy of work.

Wireless - Detective

It captures and esnifea the traffic of a Wireless Network.
* BSSID of the AP (MAC Address)
* Communication Channel
* Number of Connected Stations
* Number of Packages Encrypted
*Number of Data Packages