Extract with extreme precaution the damaged device, if it’s a matter of a Hard Disk carry out the respective packing being careful of possible damages in the transportation; in the case of flash memories and mobile devices do not remove the original framework of the device and in the possible way place it in its original box, otherwise give an adequate packing to the device.


The device is received in our laboratory and in a lower time limit to 72 hours will be emitted the initial diagnosis and a budget by the cost of recovery.


Accepted the budget by the client, the technical team of INFOFOR will initiate the process of data retrieval.


Completed and verified the recovery of the data, the client should cancel the total amount budgeted and immediately the original device will be delivered and the device of backup with the data recovered.

The area of DataRecovery counts on a laboratory of data retrieval equipped with the most advanced technology in Bolivia. Our laboratory is provided of advanced technological resources, from hardware and specific software of recovery to an area of free work of impurities. We include the necessary elements to offer great cover in the field of the recovery, independently of the type of damage that the damaged device presents.

We work in the data retrieval with different devices and with a variety of marks, among them: Maxtor, Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, Fujitsu, Quantum, IBM, Hitachi, Kingston, HP, Sony, Nokia, Motorola and other. In DataRecovery we are conscious of the value that its information has and the problem that causes the lack of it. Because of that, we include a service completely personalized to recover its data.

DataRecovery counts on strict norms to offer a high-quality service, framed in them, we work in order to surpass the expectations of the client by means of the permanent optimization of our operating processes, a constant updating of the work methodologies and a continuous training of our staff.

Many recoveries performed satisfactorily to several enterprises, and private clients constitute our guarantee as for experience, seriousness and confidentiality.

In all the cases, we guarantee the confidentiality of its data, technical quality and rapidity of our services.